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Watershed Watch

Watershed Watch is a public outreach program that focuses on enlisting and training volunteers to monitor water quality within their community. These volunteers collect water samples from designated sampling sites throughout their watershed and deliver those samples for testing at a professional water quality lab. HydroAnalytical provides this analytical component for the Green River Watershed Watch basin at a discounted rate to help provide the program with valuable water quality data. The Green River Watershed is the most important watershed in Kentucky because of the watershed’s unique biodiversity.

Lost River STEM Camp

Recently, Lost River Cave and Valley hosted a STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics) Karst Camp for a dozen high school students. The focus of the grant-supported Camp was to help educate students about the karst landscape in Bowling Green, Kentucky and elsewhere around the world. HydroAnalytical hosted the camp for an afternoon and allowed the students an opportunity to learn about ways in which karst groundwater can be tested and to do some hands-on activities in testing water samples they collected in the field. This is an important activity that allows the students to understand how science supports their understanding of the natural world and the ways in which the community works together to ensure clean, plentiful water for everyone.

Glasgow Christian Academy 10th Grade Chemistry Class Field Trip

Earlier in 2017, HydroAnalytical hosted the Glasgow Christian Academy 10th grade Chemistry class for a field trip. The students were able to tour the lab and learn about how the lab uses chemistry every day to provide water quality analyses. In addition, lab staff discussed college options related to Chemistry, the Sciences, and how they translate to careers in water quality and geosciences.


If your high school class is interested in visiting HydroAnalytical for a field trip, please contact the us

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