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  • Keep bottles securely closed and clean prior to collection of sample.  

  • Clearly label bottles with client name, collection date, site (location), and the requested analysis.

  • Sample bottles can break if dropped! Always bring an extra bottle or two to save time if a bottle were to break during sampling.

  • To collect a source water sample:  

    1. Loosen lid and submerge bottle upstream of any disturbance you have caused, approximately 2 inches under the surface with the opening pointing “upstream” (opposite the flow) if applicable.

    2. Remove lid completely to fill.  

    3. Bring up and cap securely.

      • Try to leave some headspace for preservation in the lab but fill as much as possible.

  • Do NOT touch the inside of the container or cap while sampling. Gloves are recommended, especially for microbiological samples.

  • Complete a Chain-of-Custody form, documenting the date and time each sample is collected.

  • COC forms are available under the “Resources” tab as PDF and XLS file options.

  • An example of a properly filled out COC form is also available.

  • Samples need to be cooled immediately by placing them in a cooler with ice or cold packs.

  • Deliver the samples to HydroAnalytical as soon as possible.  

  • Please reference our preservation/hold-time chart under the “Resources” page to make sure samples are in correct containers, appropriate volumes are collected, and to ensure samples are delivered to the lab with adequate time to complete analyses.

  • For new clients of HydroAnalytical, we recommend contacting the lab before sampling to discuss any scheduling or special sampling requirements.  

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