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Lea Mitchell

Assistant Lab Manager

The Laboratory Analysts primary responsibilities include sample receiving, general chemistry sample analyses, quality assurance data entry (control charts), maintaining the quality control/quality assurance program, generating analysis reports with validated benchsheet data, receiving purchased laboratory supplies, maintaining all inventory/supply logs, and maintaining an up-to-date portfolio of all SDS’s for all laboratory chemicals. The Laboratory Analysts oversee the training and supervision of Student Lab Technicians under the direction of the Laboratory Manager. Additionally, Laboratory Analysts assist in performing routine checks on all laboratory safety infrastructure (e.g. eye wash stations, first aid supplies, etc). The Laboratory Analysts report any procedure deviations, abnormalities in analysis results, and equipment malfunctions to the Laboratory Manager.

Lea Mitchell obtained a Bachelor of Science degree in Geography and Environmental Science from Western Kentucky University in December, 2021. She previously worked at

HydroAnalytical as a Student Lab Technician from May 2018 – December 2021. During

Lea’s time as a Student Lab Tech., she held numerous responsibilities that included sample receiving and logging, performing general chemistry analyses for compliance wastewater samples, assisting Lab management with key components of the Quality Assurance/Quality Control program and supporting other essential data management processes.

Lea was hired into a full time role as Lead Analyst in January, 2022. Her day-to-day

responsibilities now include supervising student workers, assisting students in performing general wastewater analyses, creating analysis reports, and reviewing inventory for purchases. Lea worked to obtain her Kentucky Dirnking Water Microbiological Analyst certification in May 2022. She is currently pursuring a

Master of Science degree in Envrionmental and Occupational Health Science at Western

Kentucky University.


Lea Mitchell
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